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PTC - Paid to Click

PTC (Paid To Click) can be a useful way of generating an income stream for your online business activities. It does take time and effort but can be rewarding. See the article ‘Make Money From Nothing’. As with any venture it pays to do some market research before leaping in. As with any venture there are pitfalls and the world of PTC is full of scam artists.
PTC sites generally fall into two categories. Those that offer tiny fractions of a cent per click and those that offer up to two cents per click.

In order to give yourself some protection against scam sites and also generate an effective income stream you should sign up to several PTC sites. Depending on your marketing budget and how much time you want to invest each day I would recommend starting with 3-5 sites and advertise them accordingly (site A on site B, site B on site C etc).

When it comes to developing a sustainable income stream from PTC recruiting direct referrals is the most cost effective way of doing this as there is no cost in maintaining them. A direct referral is someone who signs up to a PTC site through your ad. You will then earn a small amount for each click they make. Many sites also allow you to rent referrals from them (rented referrals are people who have joined the site without having been referred from an ad somewhere). However, there are not many sites out there who make it economically viable to rent referrals. Those that do, often have none available, which is fair enough.

The simplest way of recruiting direct referrals is through advertising on other PTC sites. The people viewing your ad already know about PTC and some of them will be quite happy to sign up to another site through your ad.

Signs of potential scam sites:

  • No proof of payment section.
  • No members forum.
  • Ridiculous amounts of money per click e.g. $1, $5, $10 even $25. Sites that offer these rates will NEVER payout. They usually require a thousand or more clicks to make the minimum payout level and then only offer a small number of ads per day so you could end up clicking for 250 days. Steer well clear of any site that offers more than one or two cents per click.
  • Payout times of more than a few days. You will see sites that say that payments will take up to 60 business days, usually the same sites as above. Bear in mind that you have to reach the minimum payout level before requesting a payout, so potentially 250 days clicking plus 60 business days (in reality 84 days taking into consideration weekends. Which is as near as makes any difference eleven months! Also while you are waiting for your payout you will still have to click on ads to keep your account active or risk having your account suspended.
  • High minimum payouts for non-upgraded members. If you can’t make the minimum payout on your own without referrals within a few weeks (absolute maximum 50 days, ideally much less), then don’t bother.
  • Having to upgrade your account or invest to get a payment.
  • Advertising plans that don’t cover costs. If someone is paying you $0.01 to view an ad but only charging an advertiser $5 for a thousand clicks ($0.005) you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to work out that money in does not cover money out.

Positive signs to look for:

  • Minimum payout can be achieved in a reasonable amount o time without having to sign up or rent loads of referrals.
  • Instant payments
  • Active members’ forum, proof of payments.
  • Plenty of ads available. You can usually view the number without having to sign up. The more ads a site has the more revenue it is generating.
  • Advertising plans cover costs of payments.
  • Have been paying for more than six months. Most PTC sites don’t make it to the six month mark so those that do must be doing something right.

Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Don’t spend money on upgrading your membership for more than three months as many PTC sites don’t last that long. If you do decide to invest make sure you can recover the cost of your investment and make a profit.
  •  Do invest in recruiting direct referrals especially if you have decided to upgrade your account. You can do this by either signing up to various referral exchange forums or post adverts on other PTC sites.
  • Don’t sign up for just one PTC site and hope everything will be alright. Depending on the time you have available you should sign up for at least 10 or more. That way if one site goes scam you will not have to start from scratch again.
  • Do build up a list of backup PTC sites, so that as and when one of the ones you have signed to goes scam you can replace it quickly.

While it is possible to develop a sustainable income stream from PTC you will not get rich from this. Don’t expect to make a fulltime income, think of it as a way of supplementing your income. Check out our Article on 'Money from Nothing' or our blog at fabinforesources. You can also follow this link for an up to date list of sites we are using as part of our Money from Nothing challenge.

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