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Money from Nothing

While writing our articles on how to start up your online business for as little as possible it occurred to us at Fab Marketplace that it might be possible to make money online without investing any money up front. After some research we found that it is possible to make money from nothing.

However, do not think for one minute that you can make a fortune overnight or, indeed, within a couple of weeks. Patience is the key here. If you have the patience and are prepared to put in the time and effort then you can reap the rewards. Apart from patience all you will need is a computer and internet connection.

I was given the challenge by our Editor of achieving three simple goals:

  1. Make $10 and get that money into our bank account? Now this might seem like a ridiculously low target but bear in mind that I am starting with nothing.
  2. Turn the $10 into $50. If necessary by reinvesting the first $10.
  3. Turn the $50 into $500.

You will be able to follow my progress on our blog at www.fabinforesources.com .
There are numerous sites offering you the opportunity to make money from nothing, the big problem is trying to find out which are legitimate and which are not. After all even if you have only made $10 you will want that money in your bank account.

Paid Surveys

One of the most obvious and tempting ways to make money from nothing is to sign up to take paid surveys. You will probably have seen numerous adverts proclaiming how people are making hundreds of dollars a day doing this for just a couple of hours work.
What these ads don’t tell you is that the ‘money’ you earn is more often than not in the form of tokens or gift vouchers from a relatively small range of companies or you will only earn points for each survey taken which you can then trade in for tokens, vouchers or sometimes goods of low value.

When you first sign up with one of these survey companies you will be asked to fill out a profile so that they can target the right surveys to you. No problems there. However, you will then be bombarded with emails inviting you to take part in surveys only to find out that after the first few questions you don’t fit the profile or worse still they have already received sufficient responses (this seems to be the most common problem). If you are lucky you may get a few consolation points added to your account for trying to take the survey.

If you should decide, however, that you would like to give this a go make sure you do plenty of research. As with any online earning opportunities there are many scam sites out there. You should never, ever pay to join. Always look into the background of the company, how long have they been around? See if you can get them to provide some evidence of payouts (obviously nothing containing confidential user details). Check out as many online reviews as you can.

As you can probably tell we are not the greatest fans of paid surveys. However, if anyone reading this article knows of any legitimate cash paying survey sites please let us know through our Contact form.

Pay To Click

Having eliminated surveys as a way of getting the first $10 cash I started looking around at other opportunities to make money from nothing. One the sprang to mind was PTC or Pay To Click. Simply put you get paid to view adverts.

Again there are many legitimate sites and, as usual, just as many, if not more, scam sites. Usual question here ‘How do you tell the difference?’  not easy I can assure you.

There are a number of simple signs to look out for which will give you some idea as to whether or not the site is legitimate. Most sites will pay you up to $0.01 or $0.02 per ad viewed with a minimum payout of $1.00 or $2.00 sometimes less. You will see sites offering to pay you a lot more than this some even offering $10.00 or even $20.00 per click. These ARE scams. Given what they charge for advertising on their sites there is no way they will ever make the money needed to pay you out.

There are other sites who offer to pay you $1.00 per click, again many of these are scams. Others, however, operate on a revenue sharing basis, namely the members get a percentage of the earnings for that month. In this case the $1.00 per click is not for real dollars but effectively points on your account. When you reach a certain number of dollars/points (usually the equivalent of about a thousand clicks) you can request a payment. Don’t expect to get the $1000.00 in actual cash. This is usually explained in their terms and conditions, which is fine, but I regard their advertising that they pay you $1.00 per click as very misleading and in many countires downright illegal. Theoretically I suppose that if the site generated sufficient income then you may well get the $1000.00, but given that they would have to generate astronomical amounts of income I can’t see this happening.

As with any site you’re proposing to sign up with in the hopes of generating an income do the usual checks:

  1. How long have they been around? The longer the better. That doesn’t mean that if one of these sites has only been around for a few months there is something wrong but there is less chance that well established site will scam you.
  2. Check out the domain name on somewhere like ‘who.is’. If the owners details are there for all to see so much the better. If not I would tend to be very cautious about dealing with them.
  3. Do they have a forum where members can post proof of earnings? Legitimate sites definitely will, but just because they do have a forum is not a guarantee that they are legitimate.
  4. Check out any reviews you come across. Normally I will try to read at least five to get a balanced view. If most of the reviews are negative then walk away.
  5. See if they will allow you to upgrade your account from your account balance rather than have to give them money. If they will this is a good sign. If not, chances are there is something suspicious going on.

To monitor my progress in this challenge to can check out our blog at www.fabinforesources.com . You can also follow this link for an up to date list of sites we are using.

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