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Choosing a Domain Name

When deciding on a domain name it is important to remember to keep it simple and relevant. Try to avoid the silly, stupid and downright ridiculous. This will not inspire confidence in potential customers.

Just as important is to check how the domain name reads. The internet is littered with thousands of well intentioned domain names that have not been thought through. Here are some examples, all of which are genuine:

www.choosespain.com  a holiday rental company for Spain.
www.expertsexchange.com a serious forum for IT people. This has since been altered to www.experts-exchange.com .
www.blackhatebook.com a site for an e-book on black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and definitely not a site for racists.

You can see just how easy it is to get it wrong.

Make your sure domain name is something your customers can remember for the right reason.

Write down at least five or even ten potential domain names and get your friends and family to have look at them and see which one they like the most. Chances are that any visitors to your site will like it as well. Try to avoid abbreviations. Just because it make sense to you and you know what it means don’t assume that anyone visiting your site will see it the same way, MyFlowerShop.com tells people what to expect when they visit your website rather than MFS.com.

Your domain name should either incorporate your company name or keywords associated with your business e.g. a welding company might use jbwelding.com or spotwelding.com. This is more likely to attract attention and be considered as a stable business by prospective customers. Doing this can increase your rating with some search engines.

Once you have decided on a domain name you will need to check if it is available. Before registering the domain name I would advise choosing a web host first as most will include one domain free when you sign up with them. However, it will not matter if you have registered your domain name before choosing a webhosting service as once you have signed up most will allow you to import your domain name.