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Article marketing

Contrary to what some people might think article marketing is not a something spawned by the internet, it has been around almost as long as the printing industry.

Simply put it is a form of advertising whereby a business or individual will write an article relevant to their field and make it available for publication. The article will include what is known as a resource box containing references and contact information for the author’s business. As well as potentially generating new business a well written article can also raise the author’s credibility within the market. Newspapers and magazines rely heavily on this to fill their publications. Both parties gain. The publisher gets free content and the author gets free advertising.

Article marketing on the internet is no different but is a lot easier to do. Articles are used to advertise goods and services through online article directories. The best of these directories receive a high volume of traffic and are regarded by search engines as authority sites. This means that any articles submitted often receive very substantial free traffic.

It is tempting to submit your article to multiple directories in order to maximise the effect. A word of caution here, most search engines filter out duplicate content in order to prevent the same content appearing over and over again in searches and you might find your article being regarded as spam. Some people engaged in article marketing will try to get round this by creating a number of variations of their article a technique known as ‘article spinning’. In theory a single article and its’ variations can gain traffic from many different directories.  The only real problem here is copyright. If you wrote the original article you are legally entitled to do whatever you want with it, including making subtle changes to the text.

However, if you take some else’s article and do the same thing you will need their permission to make any changes otherwise you will be violating their copyright.

Article marketing is a very cost effective way of promoting your website. The only investment required on your part is time.

In general when writing an article for submission to a directory you will need to come with a catchy but relevant title and 300-500 words remembering to incorporate suitable keywords or phrases. Some directories will allow a keyword density as much as a 5% though ideally you should aim for about 3%. Each directory will set its’ own limit and if your article exceeds this it will not be accepted.